The IJIB welcomes research papers that address significant issue of wide interest in the field of Islamic business, finance and banking, accounting, economics, muamalat, management, which are relevant to the academia, industry, professional and community.

Research papers should be analytical and may be empirical based (including the use of survey, filed study or case study methods). IJIB accept articles, research notes, case studies, and book reviews based on research, original thoughts and commentaries.

All articles must be in English, Arabic language or Bahasa Malaysia. Emphasis is placed on direct and clearly understood communication, originality and scholarly merit. All articles should not have been previously published or simultaneously considered to be published in any forms of publication elsewhere.


Manuscript should be typed with single spacing in Microsoft Word 97 or higher and should not exceed 7,000 words. Margin should be set at 1” top, 1” bottom, 1.5” left and 1” right. Set tab setting 0.5”, so that the first line of paragraph is intended by the amount (except the first paragraph). All test should be left justified, typed using Arial (size 12). The title should be printed in title case, font size 14 and centre aligned.

Indicate table within text. Camera-ready table should be flush with the left margin and have proper labeling of sources, column headings and other notation. The table numbers and title should be typed on separate lines. All endnotes should appear before references and it should be kept to minimum.

References to other publications must be in American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style and references should be carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency. Samples of entries are as follow:


Uthman Anwar (2013). Islamic business  challenges. Sintok: Penerbit UUM.

Norazlina & Zairy  (2013). Islamic business  challenges. Sintok: Penerbit UUM.


Manan Osman. (2002). Economic equality and equiblirium. International Journal of Muamalat, 1(1), 113-134.

Amir Shaharuddin & Gleave, R. (2007). The early development of Shafi’is rules on Mudarabah. Journal of Muamalat and Islamic Finance Research, 4(1), 147-159.

Conference Paper:

Norailis A.W. (2009). The path to create quality of service awareness among graduate entrepreneurs. Paper presented at the Islamic Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (iBEC2009), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. June 2009.

Electronic Source:

IRAS. (2002). IRAS targets 1 in 2 taxpayers to e-file this year. Retrieved from http://www/

Authors are required to include a cover page indicating the name(s), address, contact number and e-mail of author(s).

An abstract not exceeding 200 words should be enclosed on a separate sheet at the beginning of the text. Extended version of abstract in English is required if the article submitted in Bahasa Malaysia or Arabic language. The format of abstract should provide the purpose, design/methodology/approach, findings, originality/value, a maximum of six keywords that will assist in indexing the paper and paper type.

Manuscript submitted to the journal will initially be screened by the Chief Editor and Managing Editor, to determine their appropriateness for publication. Only those considered appropriate will follow a double blind review process by editorial board members.


Copyright of the accepted articles will not remain with author(s). Prior to publication of accepted article, author(s) will be asked to assign copyright to the IJIB. All published articles in the journal are copyrighted to the IJIB.


All articles should be submitted online to: